Aktuelle Tänze und Wiederholungen  Choreographie YouTube 
Strong Bounds Severine Fillion & Bruno Moggia Video
Lost in Me David Vilellas  Video
We went  Kristina Kovach  Video
Country Jive Bruno Morel Video
Get It Right Maddison Glover Video
I Close My Eyes Hazel Pace Video
Wild & Free Laura Jones Video
Country Style  Neus Lloveras Video
Born For Country Tony Stanton Video
Nancy Mulligan  Maggie Gallagher & Gary O`Reilly Video
Fireflies  Rudy Honing & Wesley F. Wessels  Video
Dance On Sunday Ole Jacobsen ( ft. Nina K. ) Video
Love`s Gonna Make It  Dan Albro Video
Hold The Line  Arnaud Marraffa Video
Shenandoah  Ole Jacobsen Video
Champagne Promise   Tina Argyle  Video
Golden Wedding Ring Severine Fillion Video
Story  Maddison Glover  Video
Tennessee Waltz Surprise   Andy Chumbley Video
Inseme   Dream of Country-Corsica (Mela Claude) Video
Never Gonna Break Your Heart    Gaye Teather Video
Three Teachers   Araceli Capitan & David Villellas & Montse”Sweet”Chafino Video
Pot Of Gold      Liam Hrycan Video
Paddy`s Choir         Gary O`Reilly & Maggy Gallagher Video
Cash Back        Dave Fife  Video
Lay Low  Darren „Daz“ Bailey Video
Staring At The Moon          Gudrun Schneider Video
Lovumba          Gudrun Schneider & Roy Hoeben  Video
Friday At The Dance            Rob Fowler & Laura Sway  Video
See My I.D.         Claudia Finkemeier & Mary Friedrich Video
Ibiza             Tobias Jentzsch Video
Missing               Heather Barton Video
Lonely Drum                Darren Mitchell Video
2 Lane Highway               Gary O`Reilly  Video
Midnight Train           Severine Fillion & Adriano Castagnoli Video
I GOT STRIPES       Marie Sorensen, Sally Hung, Caroline Cooper, Adrian Helliker Video
Drinking Problem          Darren `Daz`Bailey Video
Give My Love To Rose            Marie Sorensen Video
Tango With The Sheriff                            Adrian Churm Video
Shame on Me            Gudrun Schneider Video
Galway Girls             Chris Hodgson Video
Wheels of Love               Séverine Fillion Video
Thanks A Lot               Maribel Vives Video
Gypsy Queen                  Hazel Pace Video
The Gambler                 Guy Dubé & Denis Henley Video
Tush Push                        James Ferrazanno Video
SaMy`s Porch Peter „Pitt“ Graf Video
Disappearing Tail Lights Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Video
Red Wine & High Heels Karen Kennedy
Good Time Girls  Karen Kennedy Video
Three Crosses   Va de Country ( Mari i Xavier Morano) Video
Flying Scotsman    John Sharman & Pete Cranwell Video
Billy`s Dance Pierre Mercier Video
Clickety Clack  Peter Metelnick & Kathy Hunyadi Video
Lord Help Me Marie Sorensen Video
Telepathy  Chris Hodgson Video
Go Shanty  Micaela Svensson Erlandsson  Video
Come to dance Sevérine Fillion Video
Honky Tonk Stomp  Phyllis Watson  Video
Walking Away Rachael  McEnaney Video
Another Song  Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie Video
Cotton Pickin Morning Steve Mason Video
Picnic Polka David Paden Video
Sunbeam  Bruno Moggia Video
Cliché       Kate Sala
Good Start      Adriano Castagnoli Video
Dance Again Adriano Castagnoli Video
Million Dollar       Adriano Castagnoli
Locklin´s Bar             Maggie Gallagher
Ex´s and Oh´s Amy Glass
Don´t look good naked Eddie Huffmann
Like a rose Mal Jones
Shotgun House Adriano Castagnoli
Two Babies Adriano Castagnoli
Jailhouse Creole Double Trouble
Devil in Disguise Patricia E. Stott &Alan G. Birchall
Einige Tänze der letzten Jahre    
Tipperary Girl Manuela Kaiser
Bounty Sèverine Fillion
Dance Again Adriano Castagnoli
A Woman`s Love Anna M. Badia  Video
Tell the world Robbie McGowan Hickie Video
P 3 Gabi  Ibanez Video
American Kids Randy Pelletier Video
No Trouble Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell Video
Two Babies Adriano Castagnoli Video
Best Part Of The Day (Is The Night ) Marie Sorensen Video
Zjozzys Funk Petra van de Velde Video
Bomshel Stomp     Jamie Marshall & karen Hedges Video
Love You Forever         Rob Fowler, Rachael McEnaney,JoThompson Szymanski Video
It Looks Like Pain Gudrun Schneider
All OVER AGAIN  Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk
This&That     Gary Lafferty
Old 97   Diana Dawson
Vertical Expression   Vera Fisher &Teresa Lawrence
Little White Church Nathalie di Vito
Sailor Boy  Angele Vidal
When The Diamonds Fall      Ole Jacobsen
Good  Time Girls Karen Kennedy
Tears On A Highway  Francien Sittrop
Blue Note Jan Smith
Walking Away Rachael McEnaney
Wild Stallion Hillbilly Rick
Spanish Lady  Dougie D.
Driven Rob Fowler
The boot to Liverpool Ross Brown
Raggle Taggle Gypsy O Maggie Gallagher
High Cotton Niels B. Paulsen
Better Times Patricia E.Scott&Vikki Morris 
So wake me up Tobias Jentzsch
Wrapped inside your love Amy Christian-Sohn
Stripes Ria Vos
Alabama Boy Kacey Smith
Go Cat Go Gaye Teather
Jacket Joe Esther & Jose´
Forever little David Villellas 
Go seven  Ria Vos
You mean to me Sandrine Tassinari&Magali Lebrun
Summertime  Adriano Castagnoli
Long Pride Adriano Castagnoli
All Week Long Peter Metelnick
Down On The Corner Peter Metelnick
Tag On David Villellas
Cabo San Lucas Rep Ghazali Video
Sixteen Step
Electric Slide        Ric Silver
Boot Scootin` Boogie
Canadian Stomp     
Stroll along cha cha
Hearts and flowers          Adrian Churm
Country 2 Step           Masters in Line
White Rose Gaye Teather
Irish Stew Lois Lightfoot